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Welcome to Illumine Software
– The Mind Mapping Software Shop

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Mind Mapping software is increasingly recognised as being the outstanding way to enhance the quality and efficiency of working and learning in many different ways. The easiest way to organise your ideas and information.

Illumine Software – a division of illumine ltd, the leading provider of Mind Mapping training, and Buzan’s preferred corporate partner, uses the software itself in the design and delivery of its training and recommends its use to its many corporate, government and educational clients. We are therefore particularly proud to be partners with Mindjet® in selling this award winning Mindjet® MindManager® software – Mind Maps made easy!

Mindjet MindManager enables you to…

Develop innovative ideas more effectively.Save valuable time in project planning.
Achieve rapid results through efficient meetings.Provides the ability to output in HTML and PDF.
Integration with MS Word, Powerpoint and MS ProjectProvides the ability to output in a variety of graphics formats.

For many users around the world, this versatile Mind Mapping software has become an integral part of how they work.

Using Mindjet MindManager in Business

Mindjet MindManager offers business users a more effective method of electronically capturing, organising and communicating information and ideas.

Using Mindjet MindManager in Education

For educational users the software is equally as flexible and valuable, read more for further information including very generous discounts for

illumine training provides specialist personal and management development training to individuals and organisations worldwide, in the following areas:
Information Overload
Creative Thinking
Communication Skills
Personal Effectiveness