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Microsoft® Windows Vista® with Microsoft Office® 2007

With the new Service Pack 2 (SP2a / Build 6.2.399) Mindjet® MindManager® Pro 6 will now run on Microsoft® Windows Vista® and with Microsoft Office® 2007. If you plan to run MindManager in this environment, you will need to install SP2a. Included in this release are general fixes to known issues, usability improvements, and updates to Microsoft Office integration capabilities.

For more information and to download Service Pack 2 click here, or go to the help menu within MindManager and select “check for updates”

MindManager Add-inns

As well as the basic and professional versions of this exceptionally versatile software, other programmes have been developed to complement Mindjet MindManager. Below are two of the add-ins available, for more click here

When you’re making an important decision, DecisionMill will help you evaluate your options consistently and quickly. DecisionMill integrates with Mindjet® MindManager 6 to systematically evaluate choices and display the results in your map. Click here for more information

Real Time Calculator
Originally designed to help you brainstorm mathematic calculations the same way you brainstorm ideas, it’s evolved to become a way to visually demonstrate complex relations in a way that everyone sitting in a conference room can understand quickly. Click here for more information

FREE Add-in to turn MindManager 6 into a superb web conferencing tool.Click here for more information about Netviewer.

FREE and EXCLUSIVE MindManager business templates when you purchase Mindjet MindManager 6 on-line